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With its roots in contemporary tailoring, deconstruction and demi-couture techniques, KETA GUTMANE transfers the codes of classic men’s wardrobe onto a woman's body. The brand flirts with sporty elegant street wear and other urban clichés and provides for a casually democratic silhouette, which blends traditional artistry with contemporary tailoring. Subtle femininity is further supported by textural contrasts that incorporate agile, durable and functional fabrics whereas the monochrome palette has fresh colour accents each season. The brand is a Woolmark Prize nominee; its stockist list stretches worldwide.

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In the AW17/18 collection, inspired from womens' movement and voices of progressive people around the world, KETA GUTMANE’s feminine garments that have traditionally been rooted in classic tailoring, get boldly juxtaposed with street wear. Playing with unexpected contrasts and silhouettes, codes of classic men’s' wardrobe elegantly appear in womens' garments. This, in turn, gets displayed in a 1980s/90s VHS-tape aesthetics setting that the designer observed back at the time, providing for a multi-faceted display of a personality.

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Understated sexiness shows naked backs and bared knees. Sporty details provide for real wearability, hence all apparel is functional and wearable on a daily basis. A venturous mixture takes place among all garments of AW18, providing for the attire of a sensitive non-conformist fighter with backboned femininity.

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The big-shouldered classic trench coats stay minimalist yet intermingle with the tracksuits' bright colour codes like reds and blues. Wide trench-material trousers with plastic side zippers flirt with clichés of sporty and urban silhouettes. From the feminine side, classic dresses with a GUTMANE twist come forth either with deep back slits or asymmetricity. A truly metropolitan groove derives from a beige costume of wide pants and a jacket worn with a hoodie, tackling the ever-topical womens' march via truly empowering apparel. Urban bombers & tailored jackets get borrowed from men’s’ wardrobe and adjusted to a woman, hence allowing the tailoring culture to engage with the sporty and urban.

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The colour presence of AW17/18 is strong, boasting red, blue, beige and white next to the ever present and most loved black. Regarding materials, emphasis lies on straightforward yet subtle textures that do not overshadow the design and offer mind-boggling tactile pleasure. Smooth crunchy cotton coexists with feminine cupro that gives lightness to being. The 80s fancy velvet femininity opposes with the leather finish cotton for a masculine touch. Simple wool together with cotton gets well along with the crunchy wrinkled fabric of the bomber.

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AW17/18 credits
Photography: Aiga Ozolina
Stylist: Rudolfs A. Packevics
Shoes: The Last Conspiracy
Model: Akvile / Starsystem Latvia
MUA: Aija Udentina

Garments: all Keta Gutmane AW17/18
#aw18 #ketagutmane

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