VMM stands for Voix Meets Mode which translates ‘Voice Meets Fashion/Art/Style/Design/Innovation/Creative Brilliance.

Conceived, Birthed and self published by Thomasina-Stephanie Legend, VMM is an independent London based bi-annual print magazine created for & dedicated to ‘Creative Minds’.

The magazine is designed as a remedy offered to the creative industry and culture enthusiasts alike, inviting them to a different perspective that seeks to bridge the gap between the beginning of a journey to the elevated stages of success of individuals making strides in their respective fields.





The Vision

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The vision of VMM has always been to inspire, motivate, elevate, celebrate, collaborate and promote the creative mind. 

The magazine explores & celebrates the struggles that has led to success for featured talents from all over the world highlighting their backgrounds, challenges faced/encountered, experiences and lessons learned through intricate interviews and discussions along with articles, essays, quotes and poems to inspire & motivate the creative mind and soul.








Our concept is simple: each issue communicates a THEME, portraying it through a comprehensive, diversified narrative. The editorial approach blends new dynamics through different articles, stories, portfolios and fashion editorials, welcoming essays of theoretical and practical analysis, articles and intricate interviews and discussions on chosen theme that should be experienced as a cultural and psychological experience which helps to motivate and inspire the creative mind. 







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“It’s actually hard for creative people to know themselves because the creative self is more complex than the non-creative self,” Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist at New York University who has spent years researching creativity, told The Huffington Post. “The things that stand out the most are the paradoxes of the creative self ... Imaginative people have messier minds.”

We have chosen to focus on the creative individuals mind because a lot has changed so much over the years especially where technology is concerned and this has brought about a plethora of platforms that have enabled people all over the world to engage and share snippets of their lives and how they are doing to their audience. As great as social platforms are in getting audiences to various business and people to each other, it is having a negative effect on creative individuals who are either in school or starting out. They are struggling to understand why after all they do, they are not achieving the level of success that they can see others achieving and have attained. Whilst it is great to see the highlight reels of others, it is also detrimental to the emotional and psychological well being of the creative mind with a lot suffering depression, anxiety and other forms of mental break down. 

The Goal of VMM is to reach out to them by letting them know that success takes time. Success is hard work, determination, failing constantly but never giving up and just believing. Success is learning from your mistakes and or finding other ways to get your creative voice heard and or seen. There is always a way but patience is key. We do this through the interviews we hold with talents from all over the world who are making strides in their creative fields and paving the way for others. We ask intricate questions, which highlight their backgrounds, struggles, challenges and difficulties, encountered, faced, solved and what lessons were learnt to be able to move forward. It is important that we begin to understand that getting to the top of your career or profession has no magic wand and there are so many people making it who have gone through some of the most difficult and unheard of challenges that could break others. It is time to celebrate those journeys and stories of struggle than to keep promoting lifestyles and fake lives that are killing the youth who think they must have such in a split second.


Images one & three curated and captured by VMM. Images two & four by MAREUNROL’S all featured in VMM Volume 1, GENESIS.