IT Girl


The editorial is titled 'It Girl' to give a modern representation of the term which is known to originate from British upper-class society. Miss Brown is a creative chameleon with an abundance of personality, her millennial attribute as 'The Influencer' represents the modernity to the traditional 'It Girl' who was a celebrity.

Being a pioneer of emerging talents and creative fashion designers, the shoot has been styled with pieces from young Leeds based designer and Graduate Fashion Week alumni, Eden Keshia. Miss Keshia has a strong focus on surface details, statement pieces and feminine fun that is perfect for the millennial 'It Girl' who is full of personality, outspoken with a dose of confident girl power

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Photog: Andrew Smith @afs_20

Model: Miss Brown @missbrowngotaround

MUA: Jen Ospina @jen_ospina0512

Designer: Eden Keshia @eden_keshia

Art Direction:@missbrowngotaround