Helena Pontes


Volume Four

From the search for an affective relationship between fashion and the arts came HELENA PONTES, which develops partnerships with visual artists to create their collections, by bringing references of the work of these artists to model and stamp their pieces with minimal and versatile visual.

"We are women and we believe in the strength that inhabit within every single one of us. For a long time, the patriarchy silenced us, but not anymore! It is time to raise our heads and fly. We believe in fashion that transforms, that is able to question and untie the nodes of backward standards. The collection was born from the rescue desire of the female ancestry, on the countenance of the Brazilian North-Eastern woman. Dadá: Brave, Warrior and Remarkable defines the cangaceira woman who headed a gang with the rifle's deadly hand, the same one that embroidered beautiful feedbags.

SUSSUARANA'S existence snatched us and gave us the voice to scream '- out loud for ourselves.'


To read more, grab a copy of volume 4, Vision.


Photography: MAR+VIN

Creative Director: Helena Pontes

Art Director: Aranha

Styling: Natalia Conti

Beauty: Piu Gontijo

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