Desiree Slabik



Desirée Slabik is a German fashion and textile designer currently based in London. She graduated in December 2015 from London College of Fashion with a Masters Degree in FASHION DESIGN TECHNOLOGY, WOMENSWEAR and presented her final A/W 2016 collection ‘Life After People’ during LONDON FASHION WEEK in February 2016 as a part of the LCF Show. Collaging, sketching, putting things together and apart, experimenting with structures, colours, special materials and playing with compositions of knitted and printed patterns within the silhouettes is main part of her process.


The Collection is based on the post-apocalyptic, future perspective vision of the world. WHAT WOULD OUR PLANET LOOK LIKE WHEN OUR POPULATION DISAPPEARS? The starting point and at the same time the key image I had in mind and to which I referred back for every visual aspect of the collection is based on a white clean ARCHITECTURE captured by a coloured firework of FLORA growing all over the human constructions and creating a paradise of colours. The human beings have vanished from earth. Finally the vegetation has its territory back. It is about the positive power of life and the symbiosis of every organism living next to each other.


My story and scenario is inspired by the documentary ‘Life after People’, a television series, released in 2008, in which scientists, structural engineers, and other experts speculate about what might become of Earth should humanity instantly disappear. The collection progresses from a less to a more organic aesthetic with a graduating effect: the floral organism coming from the underneath garments, breaking or exploiting the architectural, clean looks with the floral appearance.


hat means that the most clinical white and architectural looking outfit with a tiny integration of the flower idea presents the first look of the collection whereas the last one represents a huge flower itself.


Photographer: Eliška Kyselková

Jewellery Designer: Sari Raethel

Shoe Designer: Jana Chocholackova

Hair & Makeup: Bridie Tyler

Models: Veronika Pawlak & Yvonne Chibueze

Designer's Assistant: Patricia Neubauer

Photographer's Assistant: Nadja Ellinger

Published in VMM volume 3, Fearless