Asperity Collection by Delacier


The inspiration for DELACIER’s  ASPERITY collection came from the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock’s drip painting technique as it’s recognizable on the welded surfaces of jewelries and accessories. Designer Dóra Domokos emphasized the extreme spectacular showpieces in her collection, making their wearer surely special. The designer broadened the palette of collection by creating bags with the combination of leather and steel.


While designing ASPERITY collection, designer Dóra Domokos was inspired by Jackson Pollock’s action painting. According to Pollock, his hands were controlled by spontaneous moods and emotions when he was painting. These works of art reflect intense emotions as they express the whole inner vibration of the artist. While creating the new collection Dóra Domokos experimented with welding on her jewelries and accessories according to the concept of the above mentioned painting technique.


The designer has always been attached to rusty and shabby surfaces. In this collection, the designer confronted the „gesture-welded” textures with clear, brushed steels, creating a special contrast. The bands on the jewels are created by raw industrial technology, so the textures of the drizzled material layers were forming randomly. At first, this technique may seem a bit stern but after a closer look millions of exciting details can be discovered.


In the new season not only necklaces, chokers, earrings and cuffs are launched, but belts, rings and hand- sewn bags also enrich the collection. Beside jewelries in their classic meaning, spectacular showpieces are also placed a great emphasis. The reason is that these are the pieces which can faithfully represent the philosophy of the brand which culminates in experimenting, modernity and astonishing.

The collection is presented not only to the Hungarian audience. The ASPERITY is going to exhibit on the Maastricht Fashion clash design market in Netherlands where the audience there can have an insight to the raw and refined pieces of DELACIER.


Photo: Attila Oláh

 Styling: Márk Kiss

Hair: Krisztián Hevesi

Makeup: Rozita Tóth

Model: Vivi at Avantage

Words by Dóra Domokos

Published in VMM Volume 3, Fearless