The African Cowboy – Tokyo James SS18


Life is struggle no matter what part of the world you are from.  Within that struggle as humans, we find commonality. That commonality is what binds us together regardless of race, gender, sexuality and socioeconomic status.


Our individual experiences may vary, but that fighting spirit that exists within each and every single one of us, alongside the fight and desire to be better and do the right thing is the ‘COMMONALITY’ we all share.


Being African isn’t the easiest of identities. It comes with negative preconceived notions that are planted in the minds of many.  This struggle also extends itself in the pan African community. The everyday Afro struggle

The struggle for survival

The struggle for relevance

The struggle to be heard

The struggle for sanity

Hence the theme, THE AFRICAN COWBOY. This is our commonality. Within the struggle, inside the heart of the African Cowboy, we find BRAVERY, COURAGE and RESILIENCE. 

We are all cowboys in this race of life that exists within grey areas. 

The African Cowboy is bold, beautiful and resilient in the face of challenges and lives to fight another day. 


Tokyo James is a British Nigerian Designer and Creative Director. Whilst studying Mathematics at Queen Mary University London, Tokyo James began his Creative Career as a young fashion stylist in London, working for various international publications, as well as directing digital campaigns for brands such as Brioni, Issey Miyake and Puma Black Label. With years of experience under his belt, James launched his digital monthly publication, Rough UK, an authoritative, unapologetic voice with a penchant for strong visual imagery. Rough expanded to Rough Italia and Rough New York after its successful run in the UK.

The Tokyo James fashion brand was born in Lagos, Nigeria when the Creative Director relocated to the burgeoning African fashion capital. The Tokyo James brand is for modern men who want simplicity with an edge. With emphasis on traditional techniques and clean lines the brand owes its core competence to the designer’s philosophy - creating and living your individuality.



Photographer: Anika MoLnar,

Creative Directing & Styling: Gavin Mikey Collins

Make up artist: Diana Asherson @ One League

Models: Max Van der Lecq (Full Circle Models),

Francois Viljoen, Thorne Fisher & Nkosi B (20 models),

Mask: Petro @skeets__888