What sort of woman are your pieces aimed at?

“Any woman who appreciates craftsmanship, high quality and who wants to stand out from the norm.” via telegraph online.

Dubbed the “London queen of texture” by the Telegraph online, Martina Spetlova truly is majestic with her creative flare and prudent infusion of textures and colors. What we love about Martina is how she continually explores significant signature strengths that she strives to perfect in each collection. Through her collections, one can see the poetic themes of refinery – where she never tires of refining the techniques that intrigue her with their sense of mystery and complexity.

Having previously studied chemistry in Prague, Martina’s decision to study fashion was birthed out of a strong desire to create. Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2010 with a well-deserved distinction in Fashion textiles, Martina solidified her signature style, which is the patchwork with mixes of bold block colors of textile and leather.

When one takes a journey through her archives of amazing garments & collection, quality craftsmanship springs out at you giving you the intricate notion and sense of distinct design coupled with an essence of boldness & power. Each collection has an independent chemistry that has the ability to communicate its story both on its own and collectively.


Photographer: Adam Goodison

Creative consultant & stylist: Cynthia Lowrence-John

Hair & make-up: Maria Asadi @ Phamous artists

Model: Flo @select

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