MARP SS18 Video



The idea of soul, feelings is directly associated with the notions of heartbeat and breath. For this particular reason the special place in suit composition is allocated to the middle part of the outfit which calls for paramount perception. The collections consists of short widened jackets, blouses with broadened sleeves, half-open capes freely fluttering and losing the clarity of an outline with every movement. The name of the entire collection – «BLOUSE BOOM».

Directed by Maria Pschenichnikova
Models: Lyubasha Grigorova, Natasha Grigorova, Dasha Karabach
Director of photography: Mikhail Serezhenkin
Gaffer: Ilya Smirnov
Lighting: Pavel Sekretarev, Stanislav Shaposhnikov
Make-up artists: Zhenya Bazhenova, Yana Vereshchagina
Camera technik: Dmitry Zdaryev
Focus puller & Mōvi pro: Andrey Mostipan
Edited by Artem Ivanov
Music by Nikita Prokofyev
Color correction: Misha Denisov
Special thanks: Elena Narcisa Rodionova, Valeriya Ponomareva, Ivan Korzhenevskiy, Ivan Rodionov
Space: Pm-studio
Producer: Artem Ivanov