Bundle Two: Vol. 3 and 4

Bundle Two: Vol. 3 and 4



Our very first print issue volume three is all about breaking fears. Showcasing 250 pages of strong, powerful, inspiring and motivating visual and written content that celebrates the journey of some amazing individuals within the creative industry.


Our 4th volume and second print issue ‘VISION’ is a celebration of the people within this issue whose vision have been laid one brick at a time amidst the worst possible storms and weathers of life but still forged on regardless, the concept of vision in its entirety and appreciating the creative visuals and writings of our contributors.

This volume is a special edition dedicated to a formidable and super talented young man, PAPA OPPONG who’s VISION is beyond what we could ever imagine. Volume 4 is packed with well over 400 pages of amazing content, celebrating the voices of some unique and talented individuals who have not only been on my radar for years but have inspired me daily in my lowest moments as I watch and learn from their journeys, snippets of which they share on social media to let us know that it is not easy but they have the vision and the fight within them to face each day as it comes and make sure that the vision is laid one step at a time regardless of the struggles that come with it.

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