The Vision

Voix Meets Mode simply translates – Voice meets fashion, art, style, design.

VMM is a Bi-annual publication celebrating the voices of the makers, the doers, the creators, inventors, writers, designers and unique talents from various backgrounds within the creative industry who are making strives in their respective fields irrespective of the struggles associated with starting, owning and running a business.





VMM is more than a magazine. It is a book filled with inspirational stories of amazing talents from all over the world, articles that motivate, quotes and poems that fuel the creative mind to explore and keep going and never give up.


The Goal

“Do not read success stories, you will get only message. Read failure stories, you will get the message coupled with ideas to get success”



The goal of VMM is to inspire, motivate and educate through stories from talents within the industry, creative collaborations, promotions and bringing to the forefront the amazing work of those constantly hidden by an oversaturated industry.


The magazine is dedicated to creative minds all over the world. Be inspired by the power of your dreams. Be motivated by the voices of the people whose stories you read. Above all else, believe in the vision of your dreams & never let tough times make you give up.


The Fearless Issue

Our very first print issue volume three is all about breaking fears. Showcasing 250 pages of strong, powerful, inspiring and motivating visual and written content that celebrates the journey of some amazing individuals within the creative industry.


Thank you to our contributors:

Schall & Schnabel, Sammy Baxter, Leo De-Valentino, Jumoke Amos of Monique Artistry, Danial Aitouganov, Jeremy M. Green, Fayaan Smith, Alexis Oladipo, Alexander White, Anna Radchenko, Christy McCorcmick, Stefanie Brückler, Aaricia Varanda Cindy Fournier, Desiree Slabik, Max.Tan, Veronica Formos, Han Wen, Domokos Dora